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Furumachi is castle town of Kumamoto castle.

We renovated the 120-years-old machiya that has been used as the  general store and the shavings of dried bonito shop near the Meihachi bridge which built by Kangorou Hashimoto who is famous mason.

We have 20 types of coffee beans from about 11 countries that roasted from raw beans after receiving orders.

Also we have cafe space, you can experience of comfortable space of machiya.

The second floor is the gallery space for exchange.

Our mission is to make castle town lively and profitable more and more.




開店10:00 閉店21:00 (時短営業中の為19:00迄)

20 Nishitojinmachi, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto, 860-0027,Japan


Open: 10:00 am Close: 21:00 pm

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